About EvenPath Press

EvenPath Press is a progressive and visionary publisher of Christian and other spiritual, life affirming, literary works. Our two flagship publications, the “New Living Message Bible” and “Kings and Prophets of the Old Testament” exemplify our work and commitment to making our beloved scriptures more accessible, and more relevant, to a greater number of people coping with life in the increasingly complicated modern world. Our mission is to help keep our Christian scriptures and traditions alive, loved and learned from in a world in which belief seems battered from all sides.

We do not believe that the challenges and advancements of modernity, whether in the sciences or the arts, are a threat to our faith. We do not fear that the progress of modern civilization and the advances of science negate our faith. Rather, in our view, they challenge and call us to continuously reflect on and re-examine our faith in light of marvelous discoveries made every day, both within ourselves and in the wonder of creation around us.