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Blogger & Book Reviewer Sign Up

Please complete the form below to sign up for our blogger and book reviewer email list. After sign up, you will receive periodic emails about books available for review on your blog or website. By requesting a book to review, you agree to post a review on your blog and/or website as well as on one retailer website (e.g., or other online retail book seller). Please note that we believe in and cherish the free exchange of ideas, opinions and beliefs, even when they are critical or express opinions which we do not share. However, reviews or comments, whether complementary or critical should adhere to generally accepted standards of civil discourse and the recognition that readers may come from any and all age groups. We ask the following of our member blogger reviewers:

  • Please post your review, blog article or comments within a month of receiving your book copy.
  • When you post your review or article on your blog or other forum, also submit it to us through this online form or by emailing a PDF file copy to us at:
  • You will receive an email notice from us each time a new publication is released with an invitation to request a review copy. You are, of course, not required to request a copy of every book released in order to remain in the program. We would, in fact, encourage you to request review copies only of those books which are of interest to you and your readers and which you intend to review and publish on within one month.

Your interest in the publications of EvenPath Press is greatly appreciated!

For other questions, please refer to our FAQ page.

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