Blogger and Book Reviewer FAQs

We appreciate your interest in our publications and your desire to participate in our Blogger and Book Reviewer Program. Please note that following rules and guidelines that apply to the program:

How does this program work?

We offer book reviewers and bloggers free review copies in exchange for them posting honest reviews, a minimum of words long, on their book review column, blog post and at least one (1) online retailer’s website (ie,,, etc). Each month we send out an email notice to all members of the program of new publications to be launched in the coming month and listing all titles currently available for review. Bona fide book reviewers and bloggers may request one title each month. Only a limited number of review copies are available for each title each month. Review copies are awarded to members on a first-come, first-served basis. Any member who is not awarded a review copy in the month requested will be automatically put on the list for a review copy of the same title in any subsequent month in which review copies of that title are being awarded.

Are review copies in print or e-book format?

Due to costs of printing and shipping, review copies provided under this program are e-book copies in your preferred format (ie, PDF, EPUB or MOBI). On a case by case basis, we will entertain requests for hard copy print publications. If you wish to be provided with a title in print rather than e-book format, please provide a reasonable basis for your request, which will be considered on a case by case basis.

Do I have to have a blog or be a bona fide book reviewer to be in this program?

Yes, a public blog is required or, the member must be a bona fide book reviewer for a print or electronic publication. Posting reviews on retailer websites, Facebook, or book websites like Goodreads is appreciated, but doing only such postings does not meet our membership requirements. Your blog must be in existence when you sign up to be a part of our program and accessible by the general public. Bona book reviewers or freelancer whose reviews appear on non-social media websites or in print are also eligible.

Am I required to finish a book I’ve agreed to review?

Certainly, if you are not enjoying the title, you aren’t required to finish it. However, as a matter of fair and ethical conduct, particularly if the review posted is negative, you should have read all or substantially all of the publication being reviewed. We expect and encourage, thoughtful, considered and intellectually honest reviews of publications provided for review, whether the review is positive, negative or neutral.

How do I submit my review links?

Please use this form to submit your review links to us following posting of your review or blog post.

Must I post a direct link to the blog post or review or may I post a general link to the website on which the blog post or review is contained?

We require a direct link to your review or blog post that will take us directly to your review, not just to your blog’s homepage. It is not reasonable to force us to search a website for a particular review or blog post, which may be difficult to locate depending on the search functions available at that site.

I’ve moved. How do I update my mailing address?

You may update your information at this form. Your membership account will automatically be updated. Please note that only one review copy will be sent per address, even if there are multiple reviewers at that address.

How do I request more books to review?

At this time, you may only request one title per month to review.

When and where should I post my review?

We ask that you post a review within one month of the receipt of your book. Per the agreement you make with us when you sign up, you are required to post reviews on either a blog or a book review in a legitimate print or electronic media and on at least one (1) online retailer’s website.